Special brush strip


Brush of PA polyamide 6.10, 6.12, PP, PVC, PE, steel, brass and PTFE (Teflon). Antistatic brush strip made of carbon fibre or of a soft twisted yarn in stainless steel. Brush strip horsehair and vegetable fibre Clamping strip of stainless steel. 


Low friction and high flexibility. 

Because of its high carbon content, the antistatic carbon fibre brush is an excellent electrical conductor. 

The advantages of horsehair compared with synthetic materials is that horsehair is denser and less static, and can withstand temperatures up to +120°C. 

Field of application

The main applications for horsehair strip are rotating doors, swing doors and places where there is a need to avoid static electricity. 

Antistatic brush strip is used mainly where smooth surfaces need to be discharged. This brush also has high mechanical strength.

Temperature Area

The Teflon brush withstands up to +220 °C

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Updated 2018-01-02