Unimer in China

Unimer has more than ten years of experience developing close relationships with several manufacturers from China and Taiwan. Production also occurs in other countries in both Europe and Asia. We conduct our partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers just as we do with many of our customers, where we jointly pursue long-term strategic close collaboration. We also work exclusively with manufacturers whom we know from experience deliver quality-assured products at competitive prices. This policy also enables us to monitor our customers and offer products that meet Western quality standards on site in China.

Since 2010 we have been active with a wholly-owned company in China, where we work with sourcing and procurement, as well as sales and goods distribution in the large local market. We are a full-service logistics centre with our own warehouse and complete import and export rights. We built our own test laboratory to ensure product quality for our demanding customers. We can therefore offer cost-effective logistics solutions with speedy deliveries of quality-assured components in rubber and plastic to our customers in both Scandinavia and China.

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