Quality Assurance

We work with large, demanding customers and must therefore maintain the highest quality in everything we do, throughout the process.

Project work

We offer technical expertise regarding material choices, application customisation and production adaptation that provides the best product in relation to price. Rubber and plastic components may represent a minor part of our customers’ total purchasing needs. Nevertheless, they are often important for function and vital components of the end product. When the customer lacks sufficient knowledge, we can help, which may allow expensive mistakes in the product development process to be avoided.

Incoming inspection

After the customer approves the initial sample, individual control instructions are created for each component, which are then used for incoming inspection in accordance with standards. All measurements are carried out in our own test laboratory. And of course the incoming inspection can be adapted to your special requests.


Access to the right number of products at the right time. We help you to find a good solution for your supply chain and reach an agreement with you on appropriate warehousing, call-off quantities, co-packing, etc.

Service and communication

Our aim is always to work with our customers with a long-term approach, with the objective of developing fruitful long-term partnerships. Efficient service and support are important in daily work and we want you to feel that we are always close at hand. Our customers can always rely on a rapid response and timely information, from the early project phase to regular deliveries.

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