Strip brush intergrated in a plastic profile


Brush of polyamid anchored in TPE-profile.


Has the same properties as the ordinary brush strip but is easier to bend or shape to suit requirements.

Field of application

As a seal for sliding doors, hatches, roller, folding and sliding doors. Excellent for seals at corners, where no joins are needed, and the brush can easily be bent and cut to the required length.

Colour The standard colour is black. Other colours are available.
Standard length 25m/box. Other lengths are available.
Special versions Available with own marking. Also available to order in 90° version and for sheet metal edge.


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Item nr   
      Brush BH (mm) Total height TH (mm) Polyamide Ø (mm)
97601317 15 40 0,20
97601318 22 47 0,20
97601319 32 57 0,20

Updated 2018-01-02