Unimer Ragno PU


Polyester-reinforced hose made from a mixture of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber (TPE). Smooth inside and out. 


Highly flexible, lightweight hose. The hose is as much as 60% lighter than a normal rubber hose of the same size and thickness. Resistant to oils, paints, most chemicals and ozone. Can handle abrasive materials such as sand. The hose is marked along its length to show how much remains of the entire length. 

Field of application

Universal hose. Can be used in most industries and environments, for example as a pressure hose for pneumatic tools, sprayguns and sand

Temperature Area -15°C to 60°C
Colour Green
Standard Length See coil length in the table.
Dimension Range 6-16 mm
  • Alcohols
  • Chemical resistant,
  • Abrasion proof, Oil
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Updated 2018-01-02