Unimer flexpipe


A flexible and adjustable pipe which can be lengthened, shortened and changed in size simply by twisting it. The pipe is used for roof penetrations, to connect pipes, to protect cables or for ventilation and extraction. 


Temperature range: -20°C +80°C

Length : 5m as standard

Colour: Grey as standard. Black possible in MOQ of 200m/dim. Blue upon request. 

Antistatic version:  Resistivity 10Ω  black. MOQ 200m/dim

Diameter variation: Adjustment of the inner diameter can be changed by +/- 35% of nominell diameter.


Field of application

Unimer Flexpipe are used as a flexiable adjustable pipe for applications as cable protection, ventilation, etc.

Temperature Area -20°C up to +80°C
Colour The standard colour is light grey. It is also avalable in black, MOQ 200m/dim . Blue upon special request.
Standard Length 5m MOQ is packing size. see table below
Dimension Range 32-250 mm


  • Adjustable
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Item No ID (mm) Length m  Packing size and MOQ
271032G 32 5 30
271055G 55 5 20
271075G 75 5 20
271095G 95 5 20
271125G 125 5 5
271150G 150 5 5
271200G 200 5 5
271250G 250 5 5


Updated 2020-01-15