SSenyange Education Centre is a primary school for orphans in Uganda. When Matilda Nilsson from Halmstad, Sweden visited the school while working as a volunteer in Uganda in 2003, it was very much in decline. She was moved by the commitment and effort that the head teacher and his wife had invested in running the school with scanty resources. When Matilda returned home to Sweden, she kept in touch with the school and got involved in raising money to buy the equipment it needed.


In autumn 2008 Unimer came into contact with Matilda, who at that time was still working at the planning office in Halmstad. She told us about this worthy project and explained that there were more promising students who wanted to go on to secondary education, which is offered at a boarding school in another town. We at Unimer then decided that the money we would normally spend on Christmas cards and presents would instead be used to fund school fees, boarding fees, school books and school uniforms for five of these secondary school students.

Today, after five years of supporting the project, it has almost become a tradition for us. Every year since 2010 we have supported five students wishing to continue their studies or do an apprenticeship. Personally, we think that the best things we can give them are an education and assistance in making a living.

Matilda’s commitment to the school in Uganda, which was previously threatened with closure, is proof that the initiative of just one person can really make a difference. One hundred percent of the money raised goes to the school project. Each month the head teacher submits a list of expenses and then gets more money for the next month. Matilda and her husband Linus run the project in their spare time and pay for their trips to Ssenyange themselves.



Matilda has also visited Unimer to talk about the project, keeping us informed via newsletters and Facebook about how work in the school is progressing. We at Unimer – along with many others – are delighted with the extraordinary results achieved through ten years of dedication.

We pay for school fees, boarding costs, school books, school uniforms, etc. for our students and pleased with their will to train as any profession.

During 2018 John Bosco Kabuye  has graduated with a Certificate in Catering and has started his professional carreer as chef. During 2019 we sponsor the following three students:

  • Oscar Timisiyme has finished his studies at Gulu Univeristy and are are now working as a teacher.
  • Sseguya Kizito is  studying his last year at Makerere University to become a veterinary surgeon. He gained excellent grades after 6 years at secondary school and was awarded a government grant that pays his term fees. We pay for his accommodation, books, equipment and other living expenses.
  • Josephine Nakawoya will start here vocational training in Februrary.