Brush seal UP, width 6.7 mm


Made of woven multifilament polypropylene yarn, specially treated to give every fibre a large sealing area. The silicone treatment is applied during manufacture of the fibre, making the brush seal extra abrasion-resistant and water-repellent as well as reducing friction. 

The backing fabric is coated with polypropylene to give good strength and stiffness. It makes the strip flexible and easy to install. 


Stabilises sliding motions and gives low friction. Windows and doors move silently and easily. It has very good sealing properties against air, water and noise. Polypropylene has very good abrasion resistance characteristics, is resistant to biological attack and stable to UV radiation. 

The density for the 6.7 mm weather strip are three rows of bristles. Available with denser or sparser bristles.

Field of application

The Unimer brush seal is a seal for aluminium systems, such as conservatories and glazed-in balconies.

Colour The standard colour is grey. Also available in black, brown, gold and white.
Width 6.7 mm (Also available in other widths)
Pile Height 3-25mm, in steps of 0,25mm 
Height Tolerance For pile heights < 10mm,  +025mm, -0,13mmFor pile heights > 10mm,  +4%, -2,5% 
Self-adhesive All strips are available self-adhesive.
Fitting To be fitted to sliding doors and windows. To achieve the best possible seal and at the same time a low sliding resistance we recommend fitting the brush seal with 10-15 % compression.


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Item Nr
Height (mm) m / reel           

m / carton        

982700-2 UP 067-700 7 250 1000
9821100 UP 067-1100 11 200 800
9821501 UP 067-1500 15 - 50

Updated 2018-01-02