Metal ducting


Galvanized steel profile, rolled with sealing fibres to a hose.


Electrically conductive with surface resistance <10EXP3 Ohm. Conforms to European ATEX Directive. Robust and abrasion resistant but still flexible.

Field of application

Induction and extraction of smoke, exhaust fumes, hot air, chips, dust and pellets. Recommended for transportation of inflammable bulk materials and in areas with an explosive atmosphere. Ventilation ducting in climate control installations and dryers on building sites. Connecting ducting for fans, hot air installations, etc.

Temperature Area Up to 120°C
Colour Metallic
Standard Length 2,5 m; 5 m; 10 m up to diam. 225 mm,2,5 m; 5 m above.
Dimension Range 20-500 mm
  • Electrically conductive
  • Conforms to ATEX-directive
  • Robust & abrasion resistant
  • Hot gases, dust, chip & pellets
  • Inflammable bulk materials
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Updated 2018-01-02