Co-flex screw coupling


Gland with separable wings of PA 6 which are securely anchored against axial tension forces. Suitable for our range of corrugated cable conduits FFMYD, FFPYL and FFTYL. Jam nut safety can be orderd seperately (see table below). Flame-retardant to UL 94:HB and self-extinguishing to FMVSS 302. Protected from water to IP44 (splashproof), with O-ring to IP 66 (dust-tight and watertight). 


Resistant to engine fuels, mineral oils, greases, alkalis and most solvents. Good resistance to lye, even in a dilute solution. Not resistant to acids, halogens and oxidising compounds. Simple to assemble, simple to open. 

Field of application

For simple installation in buildings, machines, switchgear and vehicle constructions. Fits directly into a PG thread or is fixed through a prepared hole with a nut on the opposite side. For example when bringing wiring into a cable cabinet, etc.

Temperature Area -40 °C to +120 °C, short-term: +140°C
Colour Black
Fitting No tools required. The two wings are squeezed together by hand. For replacement and repair, the cover opens easily with a screwdriver.
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Art nr PG gänga [mm] Gängdjup [mm] Förskruvningens totallängd [mm] Förskruvning ID [mm] Slangdimension [NW] Antal per förpackning
284100  12  27  10  100 
284101  13,5  17  34  13  14  100 
284102  21  17  34  20  20  50 
284103  29  21  42  24  23  50 
284104  29  22  50  31  37  25

Updated 2018-01-02